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Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Camp
Silicon Valley
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Online learning programs
for entrepreneurs
Take a 7-day immersion program for business owners and executive managers

learn the most innovative practices and tools that help Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook thrive and expand to global markets;

change your business mindset and learn to think globally by talking to venture capitalists, global corporations experts, and technology founders;

gain an understanding of how venture capital investors who manage billions of dollars make decisions and invest in companies that become "unicorns";

experience how IT entrepreneurs and startup founders launch businesses in highly competitive markets and attract investment;

exchange practical experience with entrepreneurs from other countries who will go through the program with you.
*In collaboration with Lincoln University, California
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Camp
During the program you will:
Get exclusive access to venture deals carefully tailored to you
entrepreneurs and companies create a personally tailored funnel of startups they can invest in or make an acquisition of some technology to become a part of the business;

startups find investors with expertise and experience in the market of interest.
Big Sur Capital
We help...
Scale your business by launching your product to the global market
prepare a set of solutions on how to make the company more efficient and profitable;

set a company vision for 5-20 years;

make company processes transparent;

implement an ecosystem of services for system work;

unleash the potential of employees and increase their involvement and productivity;

implement tools for collective idea generation.

management consulting
We help...
Scale your business by launching your product to the global market
launch and market the product in the US and other countries;

build a marketing strategy and choose a promotion channel;

prepare multiple testing strategy hypotheses;

explore the market within the chosen strategy;

run a traffic campaign on selected channels;

build your product sales process;

get access to marketplaces to promote the product.

Marketing consulting
We help...
Get an analysis of your business and personally tailored solutions on demand
find verified contractors to develop a business in the USA,

get migration assistance and advisory help,

get legal assistance,

organize individual meetings with startup founders, venture investors, accelerators, and incubators in your chosen field.
Concierge services
We help...
Implement modern business tools for starting, managing, and developing businesses from Silicon Valley corporations
completely rethink the mission, values, and principles of your company;

learn to set goals as global Silicon Valley companies do;

gain an understanding of how to teach a team to independently set key metrics and plan work;

build the HR process through the prism of the mission and principles;

create a transparent procedure for assessing the results of employees;

improve inner business processes and culture within the team;

get to know the universal tool for idea generation - design thinking.
Online learning programs
for entrepreneurs
During the program you will...
Get access to private networking events in Silicon Valley
with venture investors who know how to find and invest in companies that become "unicorns",

with startup founders that create innovative technologies,

with specialists from Silicon Valley corporations such as Google, Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Netflix, etc...

Silicon Valley Networking Events
Whom will you meet at our events?
Malikspace Corporation
18480 Main Blvd Los Gatos CA 95033
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