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Change your mindset in 7 days by surrounding yourself with successful entrepreneurs
for entrepreneurs who feel they reached a limit in their country, market, or niche
What awaits you at Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Camp:
At the end of the program you will get:
access to more than 700 business owners, experts, business angels and investors from around the world and Silicon Valley;
multifaceted networking and the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley’s experts and investors upon request;
supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs;
access to a private club with business owners who have participated in our program.
Our program will help you find partners for business, joint travel, investment, recreation and fun
Our intellectual journey will begin with getting to know the participant and creating a context within which you will explore the program. We will help each participant formulate personal requests and get prepared for meetings with speakers in order to get the most out of each of them.
You will visit the Stanford Business School, which was built by Phil Knight. Our task during our visit to the university is not only to study its unique infrastructure, but also to understand the internal culture, which allows them to change the future business context all over the world.
Day 1
Silicon Valley cultural code
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We will look at specific tools that allow Silicon Valley corporations to hire talented people. We will learn how to create processes that help employees understand the mission and come up with tasks to achieve goals with minimal involvement of top management.
We will analyze how to involve the team in the work, how to select and develop employees. You will understand how to build a process that will require a minimum of your attention, and will allow you to focus on strategic tasks and key partnerships, rather than routine and business operations.
Day 2
How to exit the operating system
Design thinking is a way of solving users' problems. In Silicon Valley, developing new products and testing innovative ideas starts with it.
You will take part in a design session, learn how to use this tool to generate ideas and solutions together with the team and clients, build hypotheses, conduct tests and develop your own product, marketing and sales development strategies.
Day 3
How to develop a strategy and tactics?
You will learn about which startups are selected for programs in the incubator, what is special about those that attract more investment, and why corporations from all over the world pay Plug and Play. This will allow you to look at the challenges of your business from a different perspective, analyze weaknesses and strengthen them.
Together with the founder of Startup.Network, the #1 start-up battle organizer in the world, we will discuss the risks and benefits of investing in the early stages, we will analyze the main mistakes of those startups that fail to raise rounds, and we will understand how to create an investor funnel for your project.
Day 4
How to create a funnel of investors and startups in your project?
You will meet with the managing partner of the venture fund. At the meeting, you will understand how to integrate into the infrastructure of Silicon Valley and develop an investment strategy that allowed the speaker to create a venture business that now manages more than $1 billion.
You will also meet the founders of two startups - an MLOps Platform expert, AI-Driven Digital Transformation and a serial entrepreneur who managed to create a company with a valuation of several tens of millions of dollars and raise $22 million in investments.
Day 5
How to develop a billion dollar investment strategy?
We will sum up the program, brainstorm and analyze the implementation plan for the business tools. You will receive a list of recommendations for further development of the topics studied and learn what specific steps to take when you return home.
Most of the participants consider this day to be one of the most important in the program, since at the evening networking session they would be able to discuss personal topics with the speakers of the program and get to know dozens of other entrepreneurs who live and work in Silicon Valley. During the dinner, you will relax in a circle of like-minded people and get inspiration.
Day 6
How to integrate the experience gained in the program?
The US would not have become a superpower and a global center of innovation if San Francisco had not developed its own unique culture of entrepreneurial freedom. On this day, one of the best guides will show all the iconic places of the city and tell its history.
You will visit the Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, the Financial district, vibrant Chinatown, the picturesque The Marina District and Union Square, the famous Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park, the serpentine of the most twisted street in the world — Lombard Street, and, of course, the Twin Peaks, from which you can see panoramic view of the whole city.
Day 7
San Francisco's global impact

Certificate of Lincoln University
Graduation & Gala Dinner
days of program
Certificate of Lincoln University
Graduation & Gala Dinner

By request:
Accommodation for participants
4* or 5* Hotel
academic hours of workshops
2-14 days of Immersion Program
Designed for your request
For four years, our team has been conducting business trips for business owners and top managers from all over the world. We have organized over 38 tours and explored 7 of the largest and most innovative cities in the United States. Each of our programs includes 30+ hours of intensive training, exclusive materials, dozens of modern business tools to develop and optimize your business.

Our task is to unite business owners and top managers from all over the world who are ready to share their experience and vision of how modern business is built. After our programs, participants have already invested millions of dollars, changed the management structure of their companies with more than a thousand employees, launched their startups, and attracted investments.
successful programs
Our participants are business owners and executive managers who want to learn more about how to grow business, build a great team, understand trends and attract investment to their projects.
All the information in the program is definitely helpful. I remember when Ruslan talked about underlying motives in companies. There is an underlying motive of power like at Apple, there is involvement like at Google, and achievement like at Netflix. We met with guys who work at Google, Netflix, and they were talking about how relationships between employees are built: how they give tasks, how they're supervised. Now I understand that there's really an underlying motivation that can be traced back to the whole organizational structure. This knowledge was absolutely new to me.
Eleanor, USA
I was in this program a year ago, but I feel like I did not learn the information well enough, so I decided to come again. I am interested in the motivation and new ways of building organizations. I would like to understand venture capital - how the market is structured, how everything involved works. We as entrepreneurs do many things intuitively, but the knowledge here has been structured for decades, there is a methodology.
Elnur, USA
Every program meeting was different. We met with the employees, directors and top managers of the companies and we learned about management. We also talked to investors who invest in startups. We visited Stanford University, which I looked at from a new perspective. I found out that you cannot mix different business approaches - many companies try to take approaches from Google, Amazon and Apple and mix them, taking something from one company and something from another. This does not work, because the underlying motivations are completely different. You need to understand what the corporate culture is based on.
Alex, USA
The program gave us a lot of insights, new acquaintances, ideas. We recommend it to all entrepreneurs who want to grow and develop their business.…
Bakhtiyar and Aidana, Kazakhstan
In the program, I realized that communication with entrepreneurs and experts who work in another country is an opportunity to gain new experience and be inspired.
Andrew, Cyprus
It is good to come here to gain determination and courage to create something unusual. Looking at this acceptance of all oddities, at the enthusiasm, at the raging ocean, standing on a high hill, you want to take a deep breath and start believing that the impossible is possible.
Tatiana, Germany
Now we implemented Jira and everything works like a clock. The team stays very involved. I did not expect that in a couple of months we would be able to implement so many things. At the same time we learned how to work remotely. Before I always knew that I couldn't work remotely, but now I do it smoothly everyday. Previously I did not know how to do it, but now I can work from any corner of the world. If someone wants to be more productive and get better results, the tools I learned here really help.
Oleg Sadovsky, Ukraine
This is my second time on the program. This is a completely different program than the one five years ago. We talked with many startup founders, engineers and investors. The most important thing that these meetings gave me was learning how people think here, because when you listen to these people, it's not money that motivates them. Money is of second importance for them. They're thinking about how to improve the world, how to help millions of people.
I've been immersed in the subject of investing for quite some time. At the program I learned how they approach the project selection, what are the ways funds are structured, how do they invest, which startups are more and less likely to become unicorns, what traits to seek in a startup founder or his team, which platforms to use to find projects, what funds’ projects funnel looks like. Because there's a lot of noise on the market, it was useful to learn how they seek and discover their “diamonds”.
Dmitry, Indonesia
The program is mindblowing. This is the first time in my life that I've spent so much time with a group of individuals where I've learned so much. For example, I now have a clear understanding of what I need to do in order to get funding. I can easily start right now because getting investment is an assessment of how well you understand your mission. If you know what you want to do, if you are honest with yourself, the investor feels it and would be ready to support your project with their money.
I am afraid to recommend this course to my team because they would leave the company to start building their own startups.
Anton, Australia
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