What Can You Expect From Silicon Valley?
Have you ever wondered why Silicon Valley is famous? Are you looking for the best Silicon Valley fun facts and to make the most of your upcoming trip? If so, then this is the article for you and you'll want to stay till the end.

See, while we all have heard of Silicon Valley and many dream of working there one day, that doesn't mean that you might know everybody there is to know about the valley yet. Things are different on the ground and while the big names we all know, there are still other amazing businesses and entrepreneurs to meet and get inspired by. So if you want to discover all the treasures of Silicon Valley ahead of your tour, then we are happy to report that you are in the right place.

What is Silicon Valley famous for in the world?
For those wondering what is Silicon Valley most famous for, the answer is technology, however when we mean technology, we really mean technology start-ups and the intellectuals behind innovation. While it's a common misconception when it comes to what's in Silicon Valley, the fact is that the valley doesn't specialize in factories and production itself. You will find a few semiconductor plants across Silicon Valley hidden treasures, but they are few and far between.

If you are still wondering what Silicon Valley is famous for, then it has to be the start-ups and intellectuals, though at this time it'd be unfair to call so many of these as just "start-ups". We all know Apple right? Well, Apple Park, the corporate headquarters of the company is located in Silicon Valley, but the most interesting part for visitors like you is that they do provide tours. You'll be able to discover augmented reality exhibits, learn more about the production line, and in general be amazed by the way design and function get integrated at Apple Park; just like in their products!

Another massive name you'll have heard of is Google, and once again the Googleplex is located here. The corporate headquarters of the tech behemoth is a cultural and historical landmark on its own, and its quirky exhibits call back to the unique history and legacy of the company in such a wide variety of areas.

So for anybody who has ever asked what is Silicon Valley famous for, the answer is the living and thriving culture you can breathe anywhere you go. Silicon Valley is the global destination for tech development, and while certain sights like Netflix and LinkedIn have helped increase its reach beyond its niche, it's the tech giants, the ones that stand out any way you spin it.
Silicon Valley hidden treasures you might have not heard of
Of course, places like Google and Apple are the first you'll hear of when you ask what is Silicon Valley? The fact is that there's more to discover and enjoy beyond that, and that's something we take seriously at San Francisco Innovation Hub. So let's go deeper into some of those Silicon Valley hidden treasures that we love to share with visitors, but you might not heard much of elsewhere.

When it comes to tech, one important location to consider is the California Academy of Sciences, this research institute often gets overlooked in favor of Stanford University, but as one of the largest museums in the world and a major player in the research world, there is a lot to discover and enjoy.

However, what might surprise a lot of you when it comes to the many treasures of Silicon Valley, discoveries that are yet to become mainstream, is how much of it is historical locations. The Valley might be the "capital of innovation" in the eyes of many, but there is a lot of history still on its walls and streets. Aviso Marina County Park is an incredible location for those who want to enjoy nature after their encounter with technology, the Filoli Historic House is a 16-acre compound that calls back to California's mining background and which you might have seen in movies before, and the Winchester Mystery House is one of the most popular locations for horror buffs in the entire country.

So while there's no denying that Silicon Valley is famous for what it has achieved in the tech department, there is still so much more to see. Whether it comes to more networking opportunities, lesser-known locations, or even a completely different side to the valley you might have not heard of: We've got that covered ad SFIH, and we are ready to share it with you.
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