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gpt party 2.0. Vitaliy Timoshenko:

In Silicon Valley, on October 7-8, GPT Party 2.0 took place – the largest Russian-speaking networking event dedicated to artificial intelligence. Over 300 people gathered at Plug and Play to meet with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and investors, discuss the latest trends in artificial intelligence, and gain practical knowledge.

During the event, Vitaliy Timoshenko talked about the innovative product, aimed at creating educational content, and shared case studies of companies that are already training their employees using artificial intelligence.

“Sergey Brin believes that AI is the most powerful weapon ever created by humans, and it can be used to improve our lives or to destroy it. This is a profound question because there is no legal regulation for the use of AI. I wondered what the most prominent research centers think about this. Pew Research Center states that 63% of Americans believe that artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity, and 42% believe that AI could exacerbate inequality and widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Oxford University’s research shows that 47% of jobs in the USA can be automated, potentially leading to unemployment.

I believe that artificial intelligence is an assistant, and we deserve AI to serve us and enhance our quality of life. In the near future, companies will use AI assistants for development, training, and improving the efficiency of every employee. Personalized learning and development, talent development assessment, creating more efficient training programs, digitizing knowledge and experience, and managing motivation in learning – this is where AI can truly unlock its potential.

According to Deloitte’s research, 72% of employees believe that AI will help them develop skills and careers, increase labor productivity by 30%, reduce costs by 20%, and consequently increase profits by 30%.

That’s what we are working on. All people are carriers of expertise, with valuable knowledge for employees and loved ones. Sometimes it’s difficult to share this knowledge due to lack of time or language and cultural barriers. We created, which allows you to take this knowledge in any available form: documents, audio, video, or just interviews – everything already available on Google Drive, and translate it into an educational training program or onboarding program for business scaling and development.

We have been in the EdTech field for over 10 years, so the first thing we did was create a gamified educational platform where you can upload generated training content. Gamification includes rankings and rewards, which motivates people. There are many actions that allow you to earn points, and points act as an internal currency that can be spent in the corporate store. This is not the only gamification element, but it’s quite effective. Our platform also includes an AI assistant. It tracks the employee’s behavior on the platform, their results, and provides personalized support and motivation.

In our system, there is an option to display a dashboard for managers to understand competence metrics. The platform was truly created to develop businesses. To cut a long story short, we can create AI avatars with the faces of top managers, and they will be the ones teaching new employees.

In our company, we love measuring how our product helps increase revenue, scale businesses, and enhance employee satisfaction. I’ve taken a few interesting cases to show how the results of application are measured.

In the company Usupso, onboarding time was reduced by 34%, and manager training time at new locations was reduced by 50%. Typically, training involves personal involvement of an expert, which is always very expensive and not very effective. Even top Silicon Valley companies admit that onboarding new employees is a major challenge.

In another company, adaptation time was reduced by 50%, and efficiency assessment time was reduced by 80%. The company SMK also achieved good results. All these results can be seen not in percentages but in the saved finances of the company. We have recently launched, but we already have over 1600 clients in the last two months.”

The question was about the necessary information from the client to create educational content. We want to make it possible for individuals to provide us with the information they already have on their Google Drive, which can include team meetings or interviews with clients. Any format is acceptable: PDF, audio, video, and so on. Currently, we are exploring ways to access a person’s knowledge in order to digitize it. We don’t implant chips; we professionally capture this data. If there isn’t enough information, we use Chat GPT and our own library, which contains over a hundred thousand pieces of content.

There was also a question about languages, whether it’s possible to create a training course in Russian. Currently, we work with six languages, including Russian, but we are not specifically focused on the Russian-speaking market at the moment.

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