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Silicon Valley’s Innovation Hotspots

For years now Silicon Valley has been synonymous with progress, technology, and the future itself, so if you are in San Francisco, you owe yourself the opportunity to visit innovation places + Silicon Valley while you are there.

However, not everybody knows how to exactly go about it, as Silicon Valley tours aren’t exactly the most promoted or well-known features of San Francisco. So in today’s article, we’ll be focusing on how to best enjoy what the valley has to offer and how to get close and personal with the most important global innovation hotspots in the area.

What is a San Francisco Innovation Hub tour?

When we talk about the San Francisco Innovation Hub it’s important to keep in mind that we are discussing more an ecosystem of the most important innovation hotspots in the Valley.

Silicon Valley is after all more than just one company or startup, it’s the house to countless projects, companies and dreams. So Silicon Valley innovation tours are rather an opportunity to visit and interact with multiple locations and enterprises that have helped shape the valley. A tour might take you to Tesla one day and Apple the next, making sure you get a broad view of what defines the spirit of innovation and progress.

So when we talk about silicon valley innovation tours we refer to these planned visits across multiple enterprises, education centers, and other establishments that are iconic and essential to the economy of the area.

What makes Silicon Valley tours special?

The best part about a silicon valley innovation tour is that it allows you to get close and personal with the industries that have shaped the region. After all an innovation hotspot is rarely a visitor-open area. Places like Googleplex and Google’s headquarters are first and foremost a company, and people aren’t just allowed to enter them freely as they see fit.

However, when you rely on a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Camp you get a real chance to experience these locations and get to see their inner workings. So if you plan to visit the Valley, and want to experience what it has to offer you’ll need to rely on innovation tours.

Understanding innovation tours

So we’ve talked a lot about innovation tours so far, but we have yet to pinpoint exactly what they offer, and that’s what we are going to focus on now.

An innovation Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Camp is defined as a tour that focuses on learning how other companies and enterprises through guided interactions in their work culture and processes. In other words, they are guided visits to some of the most important companies in the Silicon Valley area.

While of course, the tourism and entertainment aspect is a big draw in Silicon Valley innovation tours, what these really offer is an opportunity to understand more about the current enterprises, technological developments, and how to get involved in the overall culture as well as to how to find a place for yourself in the Valley.

So an innovation tour is not only an opportunity to see the world of innovation but also to find sources for your personal and professional innovation as well.

What are innovation hotspots?

Now that we’ve gotten a perfect look at what tours are, we must focus on the other side of the Silicon Valley innovation experience. That is to say, the innovation hotspots.

When we talk about innovation hotspots we are talking about the places and businesses that are making a real change in the world and market right now. Silicon Valley is a vast location, and there are over 40, 000 different startups in the Valley. So the hotspots are the crop of the cream so to say, the places that have the largest impact and that you are bound to learn from if you visit them.

The best Silicon Valley innovation hotspots

So now that we’ve covered both hotspots and tours, what are some of the Silicon Valley innovation hotspots you can expect to see in your next visit?

Well, the big three companies are usually the first ones to come to mind, and for most experts, those would be Apple, Tesla, and Google. The Apple Park Visitor Center, the Googleplex, and the Tesla Factory Tour are all guided tours that let you see what’s going on behind doors in some of the most successful companies in the world.

However, not everything in Silicon Valley is about sales and the market. If you want to see the place where technology legends took their first steps you’ll want to visit Stanford University. And if you want to see the best museum for electronics then the Computer History Museum will let you see the full history of computers and might inspire your future breakthrough in the field.
Silicon Valley is a place of innovation and ingenuity, and with these must-see stops you’ll be able to truly get the full picture of what the valley has to offer.

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